Romanian culture is full of historical stories. Some of them are funny while other are scary.  I truly believe that there is no one out there who haven’t heard about Dracula, but do you really know the story behind? Let me blow your mind!


This is Vlad. Vlad Dracul. Better known as Vlad Țepeș or Dracula. This guy was the voivode of Wallachia in 15th century. Because of a local legend it is believed that Vlad Dracul drank the blood of his defeated enemies and after his death he became a vampire. I think that Vlad didn’t need any fine wine or holly water given that he defeated a lot of leaders.

I will tell you why Vlad Dracul was so dreaded: Vlad, I will call him like this from now on, wasn’t so lenient with the liars, beggars or thieves. So, what did Vlad do to punish them?  He impaled them. Just like that!

It is said that on the Easter day of 1459 he invited all the boyars and because he knew that they planned to cast him out he impaled 43 of them and burn another 300. After this victory against the boyars, he took the breakfast amid the dead bodies. Fantastic, isn’t it?!

But that’s not all! Random day. Vlad was maybe bored or better said inspired. He had an idea about getting rid of the beggars from Wallachia. He brought all the beggars he could in Târgoviște citadel. After he fed them, he locked them in a room and burn them. No one survived. Cool!  Or how Paris Hilton would say „That’s HOT!”.

I don’t know how much of these stories are legends and how much they are true. I will let you find out by yourself. You may find the answers that you looking for in Bran Castle, Vlad Castle.

Each year thousands of tourists fascinated by Vlad’s story pass the doorstep of Bran Castle. I am curious about your opinion. What do you think?

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