I like to drive. I am adventurous. I like cold weather and snow. If you are just like me, you will like what I will show you today.

Trasfagarasan Road is a paved mountain road which is crossing the Meridional Carpathians. It was built between 1970 and 1974 at Ceausescu’s initiative. It starts from Bascov, a commune near Pitesti, and it goes up alongside Arges river.

The first stop is Curtea de Arges monastery.


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Curtea de Arges kept alive a beautiful love story for hundreds of years. Manole and Ana are the Romanian version of Romeo and Juliet. The legend says that Manole was the master in charge of the monastery construction. He tried as hard as he could to build it but you know, men are good but they can not do anything without women, as the history shows us.  

So, he tried to build the monastery but everything he built during the day, at night it would fall down. Desperate, Manole started to pray to God and asked him for a solution to his problem. In his dream, Manole found the answer: he must put between the bricks the first woman who will come to bring food in the morning. Even if he prayed despondently to God to stop Ana, his wife, for coming, she was the first one who came in the morning.

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With his heart broken, he build his wife in the monastery wall and finished the most beautiful monastery at that time. Manole died in his attempt to fly with his handmade wings from the top of the building.

The mark of their sacrifice and love is still on the wall of the monastery. Poor Ana! 

Second stop: Vidraru Dam.

 First time I visited the dam I was in middle school. I remember that I was so scared of serpentine roads that I promised my teacher if I will survive that trip I will write a book. Of course I survived. Of course I didn’t write that book. But I will.

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This view deserves every kilometer to this place. Fresh air, beautiful landscape, breathtaking view.

and finally Balea Lake.

Do you know what I love the most about this place? You can always find snow there. It’s like a little Finland or Sweden just in the heart of Romania. (Ok, maybe not always…)

I have mentioned few days ago that I have a friend from Poland @wrodarczyk coming to visit me here in Romania and we will do all the crazy roads as he loves to cycle. I will stay around to take pictures and hike the mountains. Yesterday we arrived on Transfagarasan and decided to stay over the night close to Balea Lac. We climbed the mountain just above the lake so I could get this amazing picture, but the biggest surprise was that as we reached the top there was another lake on another side of the peak! What a surprise!! I loved it! Don't you love when your hard work/climb/drive is rewarded with sth extraa you didn't even expect?! I love such situations!!! I just didn't like the rain on the way back 🙂 ••• Remember to tag your best travel shots/ travel affairs with #mytravelaffairs to be featured •••

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