Zeus who?

Do you know what I hate the most when it comes to travel? Long flights, long bus rides. And when I say long I mean everything which is more than 1h30min. The flight from Bucharest to Athens is almost 2h. As you can imagine I was not that excited about the flight and I was only looking forward to finding my seat and taking a nap.

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Even if my plan seemed to be perfect I didn’t sleep a second. I met Rodica, a nice, clever and funny girl, whose boyfriend is Greek. She was going to visit him so we had 2h to spend together. We talked about Greek culture, traveling and learning new languages. She gave me some tips about Athens and Greek food which were so helpful. It was such a pleasure meeting her and I think this was the best flight ever thanks to her.

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Even if I try not to do it, I always compare any destination with the previous one. Rome was fine, but not my favorite. Hoping I will find something to surprise me, I took my bag and went to the metro station which was near the Airport.

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I heard a lot about Athens economy lately, so my expectations were low. Anca and I decided to travel with couchsurfing this time. For me it was the first experience with couchsurfing and I was a little bit nervous. Anthony, our host, seemed to be friendly. At least, this is what I could tell from our discussion on Facebook. We planned to meet with him at the metro station. After 30 min we arrived at Holargos, the nearest metro station to Anthony’s home.

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The neighborhood seemed nice, similar to a fancy area of Bucharest, but with a twist: orange trees all over the street. I stopped and stared like I’ve never seen oranges in my life. To be honest, I’ve never seen them in a tree, so this is my excuse :)). Don’t judge me! If you read my last article about Rome you probably know that I am obsessed with trees.

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The buildings in this area were so amazing that I was thinking about moving here all the road to Anthony’s place. Anthony is the friendliest person I met until now. We had a great time together playing board games and just talking and having fun. He was our host, guide and friend in Athens. Even if he didn’t respond so well at all my questions, all his sins were forgiven thanks to his fresh orange juice (delicious!).

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This French man knows everything about Greek and French history. At least, that’s what he says :)). So far, this trip to Athens was the first one that felt like a vacation. We laughed, ate souvlaki and played Dobble until we fell asleep.

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Athens definitely has its own charm and despite all the rumors, this city looks like the crisis was just a joke. Joyful old people are smiling from the terraces, kind waiter forgave me for breaking the glass, tourists all over the streets and stores full of souvenirs. This was the picture of Athens that I saw.

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Never thought that this city could have such a great vibe.

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And of course we walked. Around 20km in the first day and less in the other ones.

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Getting lost in Athens feels so good. Getting lost because Anthony never knows for sure where the metro station is :))).

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If you prefer cold weather instead of warm temperatures, you should visit Greece in the spring or autumn. In the summer time the temperature is so high that you can barely stay outside. Even if it’s not summer yet, the hot weather was not my favorite.

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For me, this trip was not about visiting museums or monuments, but feeling the city vibes and acting like an inhabitant. Thanks to Anthony and his flat mate, Costa, Anca and I experienced these days like real Greeks.

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Definitely Athens is on my list for the autumn trips. Maybe I will rent an apartment there, who knows?! I will return for sure. Also, I heard that the islands are heavenly.

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See you soon, beautiful city!