Paris, mon amour

I heard so many things about Paris and I always thought that this city won’t surprise me. I couldn’t be more wrong.

existence (3)

My flight was early in the morning so I didn’t sleep enough. All I wanted was to get ASAP to the hotel room for a warm shower and a good nap. My plans were thwarted by the beauty of this city.


Wait! This is Paris or Dubai?

Around 8 am I was landing on Beauvais Airport. The transport from Beauvais to Paris Porte Maillot costs 17 euros. Pretty expensive for a car ride so I decided to try I am sure that you know the main idea of this website so yeah, I got to Paris with Catherine. She was so nice and we had a nice talk about France’s economy, parenting and education. I paid only 6 euros from Beauvais to Garche and 1.90 euros from Garche to Puteaux. I booked the accommodation in Puteaux because the prices were quite good for the area and for the facilities. When I got out from the metro station (La Defense) the view made me lose my breath.

IMG_7380IMG_7383 (1)

Damn, Paris! This whole area looked like Dubai. I stopped and starred for few minutes and after that I tried to figure out how to reach the hotel. Melon District is a nice hotel situated at 7 minutes from Esplanade de La Defense metro station. For me and my friend that 7 minutes became 20 minutes. We were lost for more than ten minutes among walkways.


I couldn’t say that we were sorry about this. We found some amazing places during our search for the hotel. I will let the photos speak for Puteaux. All I want to say about this amazing area is that Puteaux is on my top three favorite places I visited so far.

To be continued…

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