Plan the perfect trip

plan the perfectexistence

Trips enriched me like nothing else in this world. Travelling in different places taught me how to be more humble, modest and positive. Nothing is this world is unsolvable and no one is going to live this experience twice. Live while you are alive, be happy as long as you can and share your happiness with the others.

I started to be a part-time traveler since the beginning of this year and my biggest struggle was to find someone to come with me. Travelling solo is not my type so I wanted to explore, discover and feel the cities with a travel buddy. Don’t know a lot about you but if you are like my friends and you always find silly excuses to not get your pack done and get in that plane, here are five tips that will help you make your own perfect trip wherever you want:

  • Be flexible with your dates

If you want to go in a trip in Rome let’s say, for a weekend, but you don’t have a specific date this is the best scenario ever. Early booking your tickets and also having an eye on the prices discounts will help you get the best price for your plane tickets. (if you want to be always updated, don’t forget to like my page on Facebook to be the first who finds out about sales on plane tickets

  • Forget about hotel rooms

Try something new! If you are travelling on low budget check for cheap accommodations in a room with 4 or 6 beds. Let’s say that you are travelling with 3 friends. Instead of paying 40-50 euros for a room in a hotel you can pay around 10 euros for a bed in a room where you can stay all of you. More money for food! 

  • Sign in on

For those of you who never heard about couchsurfing let me make you a short description for this website. Couchsurfing is like a social network for travelers. You can find here a local host, who will share with you his knowledge about the city, culture and best spots to relax and also a bed for free. It’s this amazing? Making friends while travelling and also saving some bucks. You can find me on Couchsurfing at

  • Check the luggage allowance

After you have your plane ticket, your accommodation and also a few tips from a local it’s time for packing. Before starting packing be sure that your luggage has the right size. For example, if you are usually flying with Ryanair or Blueair and now you chose Wizz Air you should get the large bag because Wizz air luggage sizes are smaller than the luggage sizes from other low cost companies.

  • Check the weather

Still at packing. Don’t forget to check the weather. The site that I always use is It would be more fun if you were going in Paris on a rainy day and you had an umbrella instead of your white dress that become transparent when it is wet and sunglasses.

existence (1).png

Last, but not least:  don’t forget to let all your worries, sad thoughts and bad influences at home. Holiday is for smiles. Holiday is for happy faces.


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